is a haptics education site.

The mission of the EduHaptics website is to provide pointers to educational materials and information for teaching and learning about haptics.

Haptics is to touch, as optics is to sight.

The primary focus of this site in the short term will be to help organize some of the resources that currently exist for learning about haptics, including links to websites of several haptics courses being offered at universities across the US and other countries. This site will also act as a repository for the designs of some low cost haptic devices that woud be useful for learning or teaching haptics. The site will also point to some of the low cost and do it yourself type haptic devices that other people have designed and made available. Finally, this site also aims to organize and point to some software and demos that have been developed for teaching haptics and for using haptics for other education purposes, such as teaching physics or system dynamics.

I will likely work on my own while setting up the site and getting basic structure and information in place; however, in the future I would be interested in having other contributors to help provide content for this site.

My hope is that this site becomes a nice resource for those trying teach haptics and for those trying to learn about haptics.

 -Prof. William Provancher


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